Glo Makeup

I’ve never been a huge makeup person. I’ve always wanted to be able to be talented in that area, but unfortunately I never acquired that talent.  I’m slowly trying to learn more and more and I enjoy changing up my looks dependent on the season and where I am going.  I’m absolutely loving this pack from Freeze Co Beauty!  Such great colors, brushes and it even comes with a handy guide to help you take your look from work to date night.  I think that is something I have always struggled with, I never want to look to done up at work, but if I’m going somewhere afterwards, I want to add a little bit more.  This kit definitely helps with that!

I tend to be on the more natural looking side of makeup. I’vealways been a big fan of Laura Mercier makeup and use their primer and foundation along with their blush.  I tend to put on a little mascara, fill in my eyebrows and I’m good to go to work!  On the weekends or at night I like mixing in some lipstick and make fake eyelashes.  I know… they are all the rage now and I’m so excited I am finally able to put them on myself!  It definitely adds some pop to my look.

What’s your go-to makeup routine?  Any favorites I need to try?


Winter Trend…Velvet

My eight year old self is loving the velvet trend that is happening right now!  From pants, skirts to dresses – loving everything velvet!  I’ve had some velvet boots for a while now, but recently expanded to include velvet dresses and pants.  This red velvet dress was only $10 from SHEIN and it’s so great for the winter months.  I think to keep it more casual I’m going to add some tights and boots next time, but it’s such an easy dress to just go and throw on.  Also loving this color for the holidays.  I stepped outside my usual bubble and added this one to my wardrobe.  I always fear wearing red because of my red hair.

A good velvet skirt is also so fun for the holidays!  It can be dressed up or down.  I’m thinking about sporting mine with a sparkle top for New Years.  Ah still can’t believe New Years is about a month away.  The time has flown by way too fast!

I recently bought these gold velvet pants from Nordstrom.  I saw them on one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram and fell in love. I just hope I like them when they arrive…fingers crossed!

Anyone else trying out the velvet trend this season?  I would love to hear!


The Big Day!

Growing up, I never was the girl who planned her wedding – I rarely thought it about until about two years ago.  I wasn’t sure of the color scheme, bridesmaids, food, dress – really any of it.  But the day turned out to be everything I could have hoped for and more!    There were some hiccups along the road to the wedding, but in the end everything was truly perfect.  I got to marry my best friend – what more could I ask for?

Picking out my wedding dress was probably the most stressful, but fun part.  Obviously, I’m a shopper and I love clothes, but wedding dresses are a whole new ball game.  I had gone before with some of my friends shopping for theirs, but when it’s you trying on that white gown, it definitely changes things.  I went in thinking I wanted more of a ball gown type of dress that was off the shoulder or had sleeves.   I also didn’t want a white dress – more blush color. The first day my friends, mom and Grandma went to a couple of stores but didn’t have much luck. I tried on about a dozen of dresses, but none of them seemed to work.  It was also a little too much for me with everyone there, drinking champagne – so next time I wanted just my mom and Grandma.  We went to a couple more stores and I finally found the one!  I was shocked because it wasn’t anything that I had thought.  It was an ivory, high-neck sleeveless, all lace, trumpet fit.  It was the perfect dress!  I paired it with a headband that had some pearls on it to match the dress and a long veil.  

After finding the dress about a year ago, I think one of the most fun parts of the actual wedding day were hanging out with my friends and family the day of.  It was certainly stressful, but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible.  I had three of my best friends as my bridesmaids and it was just fun to chit chat and drink some champagne before the wedding.  We were decked out in some fabulous robes provided by Little Things Favor.  Definitely check them out!  They have the cutest things you need for your wedding!

From bridesmaids gifts to cake toppers, they have everything!  All the items are so reasonably priced too and are of great quality.  My girls all loved the robes!  I was wearing the white one of course and they had pink ones.  All the robes had lace on the sleeves and were made with such nice material.  I could have stayed in mine all day! Ha!   

From there the day was a blur – everyone tells you your wedding day is going to go by quickly, it most certainly did.  I was very nervous for our vows.  My now husband (!) wanted us to share our own and I have the worst fear of public speaking, but I made it through, without crying too much.  From all of our pictures to our live band – the night was so magical.  Everything came together so well and I wasn’t too stressed in the end.  A win win!  And like I said, I got to marry my best friend, so it was truly the best day ever.  

My New Fav Jeans!

I found my new favorite brand for jeans and I wanted to share. For the last few weeks now I have been looking for a new pair of jeans.  I’ve been trying to find a high waisted pair that I can wear with bodysuits and just everyday life.  Let me tell you, the struggle has been real.  I’ve been living in my Paige jeans for a while now, but couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted.  I then started asking around and looking to see what other brands are out there and a few people recommended Madewell.  I began to do some digging.


I first looked online and saw that most of their styles were high waisted and they not only had skinny ones, but flared ones too.  People also gave them raving reviews – I was sold!  Well without trying them… This past weekend I went to the mall determined to try on a pair of Madewell jeans.  I made my way over to Nordstrom and pretty much tried every style they had.  Normally I wear a 27/28 but the sales lady told me to size down because they run big and stretch a lot when you wear them.  I took a couple of 26s and 27s and made my way to the fitting room.  


I first tried on a black skinny high waisted pair with fringe on the bottom. I really liked them, but I thought they were a little big and the sales lady never came back to ask for another size, so I moved on.  Also I was like there is no way a 25 is going to fit me!  I then tried on a few more pairs and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I left Nordstrom disappointed, but determined not to give up!  

Pic 1Pic 2

Luckily at the mall there is a Madewell store.  I made my way over there to give it a second go.  They definitely had a bunch more options to choose from and even a sales rack with an extra 30% off.  You know me and sales!  I ended up with about ten pairs of jeans to try on in my room.  I did grab some 25s to try – just to see as well.  The sales girl there told me they definitely run big and you have to size down one or two sizes.  


So I started trying on my jeans and fell in love!  The high waist just holds you in and looks so flattering – it was exactly what I had been looking for. I even grabbed the same black jean I tried on at Nordstrom, but this time in a petite.  MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  There were some styles that didn’t work for me, but overall I found my new jean brand!  I ended up buying the black jeans and a high waisted flare jean that was on sale.  Also it is always good buying jeans when the size is smaller than any other ones you have in your closet ha!  I swear companies do that on purpose now.  Both jeans I ended up getting 25s in.  Definitely proceeded to wear them all weekend and became more obsessed as time went on.  

Anyone else have a favorite jean brand or have you tried Madewell jeans yet?  I would HIGHLY recommend them!  


Hats Off!

Or rather on I should say… Every blogger and their mother is wearing this type of hat.  I hate to comply with what everyone else is doing, but I bought one the other day as well.  I’ve always been a big hat person – my mother always told me I look good in hats ha!  I do have one similar to this one that I have been wearing for years so I like to think I was somewhat ahead of the trend on this.  Found this one at Target for under $20 and I love the olive color!


I went on my lunch break from work to Target and found their rack of hats.  I tried on about five different ones and wasn’t loving any of them.  Then this old lady came over and started giving me her opinion.  Kind of strange, but I am the worst at deciding, so it was nice to have the help! She told me I look great in the green one – went so well with my red hair.  She then proceeded to ask my twenty different questions about my person life including if my hair was real and how much was house was worth!  Like I said crazy lady… so you think I wouldn’t have listened to her when I went ahead and bought this hat because she said it looked good on me, but I did anyways.

Now looking at the pictures of me in this hat it reminds me of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.  I’m even more unsure of the hat now, but going to rock it anyways.  What do you think of the fall hat trend?  I guess it’s probably not new, but do you own any hats?


For Love and Lemons

Anyone else heard of this brand – For Love and Lemons?  At first, I thought it was FreePeople because their clothes look similar, but low and behold – it was not!  Their clothes are a little more expensive than I usually like to spend, but Saks Off Fifth has started to carry the brand and it seems to be a good deal.  You know me and deals 😉

I bought two white dresses – one for my bridal shower and one for my bachelorette party.  They are both size large – they tend to run small, but the dress for my shower ended up being too big now, so I had to get it altered.  I love the lace on both of these dresses though, so perfect for a bride!  Obviously my Bachelorette party dress was a little more scandalous – we went to Vegas after all!  Love all the detailing on the dress and the cutouts. Both dresses were about $150 each, but I felt worth it for the events I had coming up.

I paired both dresses with a nude/pinkish heel.  It’s always hard for me to find a great nude heel. I always want it to match my skin tone perfectly, but usually it needs to be a little more pinky.  I found these block heels from Target for $30 and they almost match even though they are probably more blush than nude.  I splurged a few years ago on a pair of Stuart Weitzman that I literally have worn one time. Such a waste!  They are so pretty, but it bothers me now that the color doesn’t match my skin tone.  I wore them anyways because they are actually more comfortable than some of my lower heels because they have a platform.  Oh the sacrifices! Ha!

I am not usually one to sport white after Labor Day, but since I’m a bride – I made an exception.  Any places you love to find cute dresses?  I love hearing about new brands and places to online shop!

Getting Trendy with Unique Wooden Watches

If you are like me, you know accessories can make or break an outfit.  I’m a huge lover of all things fashion and that extends to my accessories.  I love mixing and matching things and starting trends. Now this isn’t a new trend, but I love pairing my outfits with a watch.  I’ve always been a big watch person. I think I asked for a watch for one of my birthdays starting at 12 years old. I started with the basic silver watch and I wore it with everything!  Since then I have formed a collection of watches from silver ones, to gold ones to even the Apple watch! Now I could not be happier to add this one to my collection – The JORD watch.  

I haven’t seen a wood watch like this one before and it’s so different from my other watches, I love it!  It still has a classy, elegant look to it and I love the details on the face. I got the Hyde model in Walnut and Black, and couldn’t be more thrilled! The walnut wood compliments very well with the black face of the watch.  I wear black pretty much every day of my life, so it’ll go so nicely with all my outfits. Technically it is a men’s watch, but I love the bigger face and I think I can still pull it off.  They do have some great ladies watches as well. 

A Pic Watch

There are so many different colors and styles on their site – definitely one to meet your style and any outfit!  My fiancé is a huge watch person too and even he wanted to wear my watch! I guess we’ll have to look into getting him one too.  Ha! JORD even has wood bands for your Apple watch.  I think I know what I need to buy next!  And they even do engraving – perfect gift for the holidays coming up!  What do you think about the wood watch trend?  Check out the other Hyde models here, and while you’re at it check out all the unique men’s watches JORD has to offer!  

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