Bathing Suit Season

I know it’s snowing throughout the country, but it’s almost bathing suit time in Arizona!  I’m usually not a big fan of the sun, hello white skin and being a redhead, but I can certainly appreciate the fashion side of it!  I have been shopping around so many different places to find some great affordable suits!  Here are some of my favorites!

I still think my number one place to shop for bathing suits is Target.  When they had their buy one, get one half off – it’s such a good deal!  They put out a new cut this year that worked wonders for my shape too. It’s the high waist, high leg bathing suit bottoms.  I may be smaller, but I am definitely curvy, and have some junk in the trunk, so these bottoms definitely helped make everything look better!  Of course I bought the one that was leopard print – definitely going to be wearing this one on repeat all summer long!  I was also featured on the email for leopard suits – such an exciting thing to be a part of! Did you see me?  If not, here is the photo! You can also shop my suit by clicking here!

I also bought a white and red striped bikini from Target.  So out of the norm for me, but it’s the same cut and I’m digging it.  I am usually not a fan of the tube top bathing suit tops because I think it flattens your chest, especially if you have not a lot of boob to start with, but I’m gonna rock it anyways!  I love the cute ruffles on top too.  It’s perfect for when I want to be patriotic at all the pool parties this summer too. 


Amazon has been stepping up their fashion game these days and that includes their suits!  I was skeptical at first but then I saw so many people wearing them, I had to give it a try.  I bought this green high waist bikini that is super cute!  I don’t have a green suit, so I figured it was time to add it to my collection.  It was under $25 and such great material.  I love the high waist bottoms – can you tell?!  Ha!  The top is pretty great too for us people with smaller boobs 😉  


Now this is splurge suit, but if you are surfing or doing anything active in your swimsuit gear, you should check out Albion!  They have so many different prints you can mix and match and they all have built in support for you to be able to run around and be active without the fear of something slipping out.  I went for the same sort of style, but they have so many cute ones!  

 Check my Instagram for a discount code!

I’m loving the one piece trend that has come back around too!  Sadly I feel like I can’t pull it off as well, but I found one that was pretty cheap from SHEIN that I sport from time to time because I love the saying – “Always on Vacay”.  

Do you have a favorite swimsuit trend this season? Where do you shop for suits?


Snakeskin Trend

Apparently the new trend coming in is snakeskin.  What do you think?  If you follow me in on Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of leopard.  But I can definitely get on board with another animal print.  Over the years I have had different snakeskin pieces – I guess even when it wasn’t so trendy.  Got to do your own thing sometimes!  Anyways, So many stores have a huge selection of snakeskin items and I’m obsessed.  From bathing suits to shirts to dresses – everything in snakeskin.  

This is one of my new favorite snakeskin print dress from SHEIN. It’s only $11! It’s definitely going to be a staple in my closet that I wear all spring and summer. I can even throw on a cardigan or jacket and make it work appropriate. Double win!

Here is another snakeskin print dress you can see me rocking on repeat this summer. Love the cutout in the front and maxi dresses are always great for the windy days! It’s a little pricey, but worth the splurge! Use code “LITTLEREDFASHIONHOOD15” for a discount!

I actually bought a snakeskin purse from H&M a while ago, but it’s back in stock now and currently on trend.  I think I’m going to buy a couple more pieces as well.  I do have a snakeskin shirt in my closet already – I need to bust it out!  I think this print is a nice alternative to leopard without being too over the top.  Let me know – are you going to rock it too?

10 Things About Me!

Hello to anyone new around here that doesn’t know me quite well, I thought I would take some time and share some information about me.  Here’s 10 facts about me…

1. I grew up in New Jersey and lived there for ten years before relocating to Arizona.  I was twelve when I moved out here and in 7th grade, not the easiest time to be changing schools let alone relocating across the country!  I had a hard time adjusting at first, but slowly learned my way.  Let’s just say middle school was not the greatest time of my life!
2. I am a natural redhead and the only redhead in my family.  My Grandma became one when I was born and has been trying to dye her hair the same color as mine ever since!
3. I have two older half sisters who have seven kids between the two and a younger brother.  My sisters live in Utah, but my brother lives in Scottsdale.
4. I am fully Jewish, but my dad was married before my mom and had my two sisters who grew up Mormon – it’s a very strange family dynamic, but it works!  My parents stay in Utah every summer and we go up and visit everyone – it’s a fun time!
5. I met my husband and love of my life on a dating site – a little one called  Another crazy fact, we both went to ASU and grew up in neighboring towns and rival high schools – never would have known.  We just got married in November 2018 and we are looking forward to having some time together as newlyweds.
6. I’ve always been a writer and used to be a published one a long time ago – I enjoy it and putting my own voice on things.  Hope you do too!
7. I tried to break into acting and voice over work as well.  I technically still have an agent, but haven’t a great deal of work in a long time!  I was told to apply for Disney so I made a demo and sent it out, but then told I needed to move to California – I couldn’t make the move so Arizona is where I stay.  Who knows maybe down the road!  Oh!  Andfor all of you who don’t know what my voice sounds like – I’ve been told a number of things through the years – Betty Boop, a little girl, a cartoon… I did have one paid voiceover gig for a Mexican food commercial for AJ’s.  I played a little girl in it.  It was so fun!  Now it’s lost somewhere on radio…
8. I wish I could do blogging and writing full time, but as of now I do have a full time job.  I currently work as a Recruiter for a network of Charter Schools. I help recruit teachers for their schools across the country.  It’s a pretty fun job! 

9. I am the biggest shoe lover!  I own over a hundred pair of shoes.  My husband loves me so much though, when we first bought our house, he built me my very own shoe rack in my closet.  It’s the best thing ever!!

10. As you can probably tell I love fashion and shopping!  It’ssomething my mom and I have always loved to do over the years.  She is probably where my love for it came from and how I became so stylish (if I do say so myself!).  My mother goes above and beyond and even wears matching PJs to bed every night. 

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!  I would love to get to know you as well.  You can check out more of my fashion and lifestyle adventures on my Instagram.  I started that about a year ago, never imagining it would be what it is today.  Okay enough about me!

All About the Deals

In case you all didn’t know, I’m all about finding a good deal!  I’ve been super impressed lately with Walmart and Payless.  Sorry I do not mean to sound snotty, but those places haven’t really been places I would shop in the past, at least for shoes or clothes.  I am changing my tune though!  I think with Target stepping up their clothing game over the last few years, I think they have started to do the same.  And you cannot beat the prices at Walmart and Payless!

I went to Walmart the other day and ended up buying a cardigan for work, a plaid shirt and a teddy coat.  All of which were under $50 – total!  My plaid shirt was only $10 too and I love it.  I’ve been searching high and low for a teddy coat and finally stumbled upon this one and it’s so soft and comfortable.  I want to wear it every day.  I’ve even received compliments on it when I wear it and other people are shocked when I say it’s from Walmart too!  See… I’m not the only one!



The commercials for Payless are what got me actually onto their website.  I don’t even know where a Payless store is anymore, but the shoes on the commercial looked pretty fab, so I wanted to check them out!  I have been looking around for a white boot, but I feel I won’t wear it too much so I didn’t want to spend too much on one. I found one on Payless for $16 – added it to my cart.  I think found a red pair of booties. Sort of the same thing – fun to have, but I know I won’t wear them all too much.  But for $16, I will give it a try!  Added to my cart.  I then found some sparkle booties that were too fun to pass up for the holidays.  They were also only $16!  I was then searching around and found a 20% off coupon to use – can you say deal of the century?!  I ordered all three boots.  I was a little skeptical of how they would look in person, but they were all returnable so I took a risk.


My boots came in about a week and I was very excited!  I opened up the big box and started trying them on.  I absolutely loved the red and sparkle booties!  They are so fun and festive.  Also fit really well.  I have yet to wear them, but them seem pretty comfortable even with a heel.  Sadly, I will be returning the white bootie.  It didn’t fit very well and was very uncomfortable.  But hey, for the price it was worth a shot!

All in all, I love exploring new places to shop especially when you can find a good deal!  There are some things that are worth spending more money on, but it nice to mix and match things in your closet.  I also can’t afford to buy designer everything – I think my husband would kill me!  Anyone else try some shopping at Walmart or Payless?  Or would you?!

Glo Makeup

I’ve never been a huge makeup person. I’ve always wanted to be able to be talented in that area, but unfortunately I never acquired that talent.  I’m slowly trying to learn more and more and I enjoy changing up my looks dependent on the season and where I am going.  I’m absolutely loving this pack from Freeze Co Beauty!  Such great colors, brushes and it even comes with a handy guide to help you take your look from work to date night.  I think that is something I have always struggled with, I never want to look to done up at work, but if I’m going somewhere afterwards, I want to add a little bit more.  This kit definitely helps with that!

I tend to be on the more natural looking side of makeup. I’vealways been a big fan of Laura Mercier makeup and use their primer and foundation along with their blush.  I tend to put on a little mascara, fill in my eyebrows and I’m good to go to work!  On the weekends or at night I like mixing in some lipstick and make fake eyelashes.  I know… they are all the rage now and I’m so excited I am finally able to put them on myself!  It definitely adds some pop to my look.

What’s your go-to makeup routine?  Any favorites I need to try?

Winter Trend…Velvet

<a href=”; _fcksavedurl=””><img src=”; _fcksavedurl=”; alt=”SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Jumpsuit” /></a>

My eight year old self is loving the velvet trend that is happening right now!  From pants, skirts to dresses – loving everything velvet!  I’ve had some velvet boots for a while now, but recently expanded to include velvet dresses and pants.  This red velvet dress was only $10 from SHEIN and it’s so great for the winter months.  I think to keep it more casual I’m going to add some tights and boots next time, but it’s such an easy dress to just go and throw on.  Also loving this color for the holidays.  I stepped outside my usual bubble and added this one to my wardrobe.  I always fear wearing red because of my red hair.

A good velvet skirt is also so fun for the holidays!  It can be dressed up or down.  I’m thinking about sporting mine with a sparkle top for New Years.  Ah still can’t believe New Years is about a month away.  The time has flown by way too fast!

I recently bought these gold velvet pants from Nordstrom.  I saw them on one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram and fell in love. I just hope I like them when they arrive…fingers crossed!

Anyone else trying out the velvet trend this season?  I would love to hear!


The Big Day!

Growing up, I never was the girl who planned her wedding – I rarely thought it about until about two years ago.  I wasn’t sure of the color scheme, bridesmaids, food, dress – really any of it.  But the day turned out to be everything I could have hoped for and more!    There were some hiccups along the road to the wedding, but in the end everything was truly perfect.  I got to marry my best friend – what more could I ask for?

Picking out my wedding dress was probably the most stressful, but fun part.  Obviously, I’m a shopper and I love clothes, but wedding dresses are a whole new ball game.  I had gone before with some of my friends shopping for theirs, but when it’s you trying on that white gown, it definitely changes things.  I went in thinking I wanted more of a ball gown type of dress that was off the shoulder or had sleeves.   I also didn’t want a white dress – more blush color. The first day my friends, mom and Grandma went to a couple of stores but didn’t have much luck. I tried on about a dozen of dresses, but none of them seemed to work.  It was also a little too much for me with everyone there, drinking champagne – so next time I wanted just my mom and Grandma.  We went to a couple more stores and I finally found the one!  I was shocked because it wasn’t anything that I had thought.  It was an ivory, high-neck sleeveless, all lace, trumpet fit.  It was the perfect dress!  I paired it with a headband that had some pearls on it to match the dress and a long veil.  

After finding the dress about a year ago, I think one of the most fun parts of the actual wedding day were hanging out with my friends and family the day of.  It was certainly stressful, but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible.  I had three of my best friends as my bridesmaids and it was just fun to chit chat and drink some champagne before the wedding.  We were decked out in some fabulous robes provided by Little Things Favor.  Definitely check them out!  They have the cutest things you need for your wedding!

From bridesmaids gifts to cake toppers, they have everything!  All the items are so reasonably priced too and are of great quality.  My girls all loved the robes!  I was wearing the white one of course and they had pink ones.  All the robes had lace on the sleeves and were made with such nice material.  I could have stayed in mine all day! Ha!   

From there the day was a blur – everyone tells you your wedding day is going to go by quickly, it most certainly did.  I was very nervous for our vows.  My now husband (!) wanted us to share our own and I have the worst fear of public speaking, but I made it through, without crying too much.  From all of our pictures to our live band – the night was so magical.  Everything came together so well and I wasn’t too stressed in the end.  A win win!  And like I said, I got to marry my best friend, so it was truly the best day ever.