My New Fav Jeans!

I found my new favorite brand for jeans and I wanted to share. For the last few weeks now I have been looking for a new pair of jeans.  I’ve been trying to find a high waisted pair that I can wear with bodysuits and just everyday life.  Let me tell you, the struggle has been real.  I’ve been living in my Paige jeans for a while now, but couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted.  I then started asking around and looking to see what other brands are out there and a few people recommended Madewell.  I began to do some digging.


I first looked online and saw that most of their styles were high waisted and they not only had skinny ones, but flared ones too.  People also gave them raving reviews – I was sold!  Well without trying them… This past weekend I went to the mall determined to try on a pair of Madewell jeans.  I made my way over to Nordstrom and pretty much tried every style they had.  Normally I wear a 27/28 but the sales lady told me to size down because they run big and stretch a lot when you wear them.  I took a couple of 26s and 27s and made my way to the fitting room.  


I first tried on a black skinny high waisted pair with fringe on the bottom. I really liked them, but I thought they were a little big and the sales lady never came back to ask for another size, so I moved on.  Also I was like there is no way a 25 is going to fit me!  I then tried on a few more pairs and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I left Nordstrom disappointed, but determined not to give up!  

Pic 1Pic 2

Luckily at the mall there is a Madewell store.  I made my way over there to give it a second go.  They definitely had a bunch more options to choose from and even a sales rack with an extra 30% off.  You know me and sales!  I ended up with about ten pairs of jeans to try on in my room.  I did grab some 25s to try – just to see as well.  The sales girl there told me they definitely run big and you have to size down one or two sizes.  


So I started trying on my jeans and fell in love!  The high waist just holds you in and looks so flattering – it was exactly what I had been looking for. I even grabbed the same black jean I tried on at Nordstrom, but this time in a petite.  MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  There were some styles that didn’t work for me, but overall I found my new jean brand!  I ended up buying the black jeans and a high waisted flare jean that was on sale.  Also it is always good buying jeans when the size is smaller than any other ones you have in your closet ha!  I swear companies do that on purpose now.  Both jeans I ended up getting 25s in.  Definitely proceeded to wear them all weekend and became more obsessed as time went on.  

Anyone else have a favorite jean brand or have you tried Madewell jeans yet?  I would HIGHLY recommend them!  



Hats Off!

Or rather on I should say… Every blogger and their mother is wearing this type of hat.  I hate to comply with what everyone else is doing, but I bought one the other day as well.  I’ve always been a big hat person – my mother always told me I look good in hats ha!  I do have one similar to this one that I have been wearing for years so I like to think I was somewhat ahead of the trend on this.  Found this one at Target for under $20 and I love the olive color!


I went on my lunch break from work to Target and found their rack of hats.  I tried on about five different ones and wasn’t loving any of them.  Then this old lady came over and started giving me her opinion.  Kind of strange, but I am the worst at deciding, so it was nice to have the help! She told me I look great in the green one – went so well with my red hair.  She then proceeded to ask my twenty different questions about my person life including if my hair was real and how much was house was worth!  Like I said crazy lady… so you think I wouldn’t have listened to her when I went ahead and bought this hat because she said it looked good on me, but I did anyways.

Now looking at the pictures of me in this hat it reminds me of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.  I’m even more unsure of the hat now, but going to rock it anyways.  What do you think of the fall hat trend?  I guess it’s probably not new, but do you own any hats?


Sustainable Fashion NEEDS to Be Our Future

I’m loving this clothing company and all they stand for.  Their products come from sustainable, natural, reclaimed and indigenous material.  The company is called KINDOM.  What I also love about their company is that they only make a handful of items because they use reclaimed material so you are getting an exclusive article of clothing that not many people have.  I love staying ahead of the trends and not wearing something that everyone else is wearing – so this ties in nicely to that!

The name of their company is rather unique as well.  It stems from humans and nature being created from the same universe and being directly related to one another – KIN.  KINDOM is looking towards the future and wanting a balance between humankind and the environment.  I had no idea, but the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.  Fashion is a big part of my life, keeping the environment clean needs to be too!

When my items arrived, they were wrapped in recyclable paper of course!  I was surprised by the material and how soft and good quality the items were.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn clothing that was so sustainable before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was certainly pleasantly surprised!

This tee is going to be my new go to!  I’ve been trying to expand my color palette aside from black and leopard and I cannot wait to add this to my mix.  It’s a perfect color for fall and such a great, light tee to thrown on with jeans.  I’m a sucker for a tee with cutout shoulders as well.  It’s so cute!  It’s called the Kira Convertible Ruffle-Sleeve Top, Sienna is the color.  I’m wearing a size medium.  It can even be worn as a tank top too just by putting your arms through the sleeves – so fun!  The shirt is mostly made out of bamboo which is why it is so soft.



I also received the Madison Colum Dress in black.  Such a great stable to add to my wardrobe as well!  It can be worn with sandals in the summer or a jacket and boots in the winter.  Also it’s black – so you know I love it!  This dress is also made out of mostly bamboo and it’s so soft.  I almost forgot the best part about this dress…it has pockets!  Can’t go wrong with a dress and pockets!


You definitely need to check out KINDOM.  Lots of great pieces that can be worn so many ways from casual to dressy.  Makes you feel good when you are wearing something that you know is environmental friendly! Who says you can’t be fashionable and also be sustainable?


For Love and Lemons

Anyone else heard of this brand – For Love and Lemons?  At first, I thought it was FreePeople because their clothes look similar, but low and behold – it was not!  Their clothes are a little more expensive than I usually like to spend, but Saks Off Fifth has started to carry the brand and it seems to be a good deal.  You know me and deals 😉

I bought two white dresses – one for my bridal shower and one for my bachelorette party.  They are both size large – they tend to run small, but the dress for my shower ended up being too big now, so I had to get it altered.  I love the lace on both of these dresses though, so perfect for a bride!  Obviously my Bachelorette party dress was a little more scandalous – we went to Vegas after all!  Love all the detailing on the dress and the cutouts. Both dresses were about $150 each, but I felt worth it for the events I had coming up.

I paired both dresses with a nude/pinkish heel.  It’s always hard for me to find a great nude heel. I always want it to match my skin tone perfectly, but usually it needs to be a little more pinky.  I found these block heels from Target for $30 and they almost match even though they are probably more blush than nude.  I splurged a few years ago on a pair of Stuart Weitzman that I literally have worn one time. Such a waste!  They are so pretty, but it bothers me now that the color doesn’t match my skin tone.  I wore them anyways because they are actually more comfortable than some of my lower heels because they have a platform.  Oh the sacrifices! Ha!

I am not usually one to sport white after Labor Day, but since I’m a bride – I made an exception.  Any places you love to find cute dresses?  I love hearing about new brands and places to online shop!

Getting Trendy with Unique Wooden Watches

If you are like me, you know accessories can make or break an outfit.  I’m a huge lover of all things fashion and that extends to my accessories.  I love mixing and matching things and starting trends. Now this isn’t a new trend, but I love pairing my outfits with a watch.  I’ve always been a big watch person. I think I asked for a watch for one of my birthdays starting at 12 years old. I started with the basic silver watch and I wore it with everything!  Since then I have formed a collection of watches from silver ones, to gold ones to even the Apple watch! Now I could not be happier to add this one to my collection – The JORD watch.  

I haven’t seen a wood watch like this one before and it’s so different from my other watches, I love it!  It still has a classy, elegant look to it and I love the details on the face. I got the Hyde model in Walnut and Black, and couldn’t be more thrilled! The walnut wood compliments very well with the black face of the watch.  I wear black pretty much every day of my life, so it’ll go so nicely with all my outfits. Technically it is a men’s watch, but I love the bigger face and I think I can still pull it off.  They do have some great ladies watches as well. 

A Pic Watch

There are so many different colors and styles on their site – definitely one to meet your style and any outfit!  My fiancé is a huge watch person too and even he wanted to wear my watch! I guess we’ll have to look into getting him one too.  Ha! JORD even has wood bands for your Apple watch.  I think I know what I need to buy next!  And they even do engraving – perfect gift for the holidays coming up!  What do you think about the wood watch trend?  Check out the other Hyde models here, and while you’re at it check out all the unique men’s watches JORD has to offer!  

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Can you feel my VIBE?

I feel like the stores at the mall are carrying less and less clothing these days and everything is moving to online shopping.  There are so many cute stores online only and you have to check out this one – VIBE Apparel Co.  Looking on their website they have such a mix of styles that will work for anyone.  I was able to order a bunch of different items and loved them all!  

I’m in love with the camo trend that is happening and the bodysuit trend, so I had to get this camo bodysuit.  The cutouts are so sexy (too sexy if you ask my fiancé!) but I think it’smakes it fun, but has mesh that covers it, so it’s less revealing.  Perfect for a night out on the town! 

This dress was a little out of the box for me, but I’m so happy I went for it.  The material alone is so stretchy and fits so nicely.  It has bell sleeves that are back in style as well – along with the floral print.  I paired it with some boots to make it more of a fall look. I would definitely recommend this as well!

How cute is this off the shoulder top?  If you follow me on Instagram you can see off the shoulder tops are a go to for me.  This one isn’t black so again, a little out of my comfort zone, but I really like it!  Again, has some florals on it to be on trend and even some stripes!  Comfortable material as well.  I think it’s a good summer to fall transition piece.

Plaid is always a hit for fall – even maybe all year round.  This dress is no exception!  The material is so soft and light – it can easily be worn in the summer with sandals and then with tights and boots in the winter.  I branched out again on the color combo, but I think I can still rock it 😉  The best part about this dress is that it has pockets!  I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets.  

As you can see there are so many different pieces you can get from VIBE Apparel Co. and they are priced reasonable as well.  Everything fit true to size, which can always be tricky when you are ordering online.  Go check their site out now!

Target Time

Now this isn’t so new, but I feel compelled to tell people about this if you don’t know of it already… Target has the cutest clothes!  They have really stepped up their clothing game over the last few years and it just keeps getting better and better.  I think I go shopping there more often these days than even going to the mall – it’s crazy.  They have a few new brands such as Wild and Fable, A New Day, and Who What Wear.


They all have their unique style, but I enjoy mixing and matching things to meet my style.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten a few cute tees, a dress, two piece set and even some bathing suits!  I’m telling you – Target has it all.  Some of it isn’t the cheapest, but may be worth it.  They just had a big sale too where I splurged and bought a few more things.  Everything was almost 50% off – how could you not?!

I’m jumping on the jumper trend and of course I love leopard – so this was a no brainer!  I rocked it to a 90s party I went to last week and it totally fit the scene.  Crazy it was popular back then and is again today. Also paired it with a fanny pack…stay tuned for my review on that!