The Scene

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a new exhibit that opened up in Tempe, AZ.  It’s called The Scene.  I had a heard a little bit about it, but I wasn’t too sure of what to expect. I planned on doing some research into it that day, but the day got away from me and I didn’t have time to do so.  Nonetheless, I’m glad I didn’t and just went – it was a blast!  I took my husband, Travis along with me.  He wasn’t too gung-ho at first, but I bribed him with dinner and drinks and he was in!

We arrived at the front desk and checked in.  They gave us light up rings to take with us as part of the experience.  From there we met our tour guide who read us the rules and proceeded to go in.  We stepped into the first room and it was AWESOME!  It was filled with lights and almost felt like a disco.  I had some cool water light statues in the middle too.  Right away Travis went into photography mode and started taking all my photos.  The tour guide did say photos were HIGHLY encouraged!

From there we proceeded to enter 11 different themed rooms.  They were all so great, it is hard to pick a favorite! We went into one room that had a dance floor with changing color tiles and you put on headphones and have your own little dance party.  You were able to choose the music and everything.  

Another room was filled with rubber ducks and even had a bath tub you could climb into.  Of course, I took advantage of it for the gram!  Another cool room was filled with fake flowers and a peace sign.  It had a swing you could swing on!  It was so cute.  I want one in my backyard now.  

I think my favorite room though was the one you had to guess what was behind the doors.  There were three doors marked with a question mark and behind each door was something different.  If you are going to end up going to the exhibit, don’t look at my pictures!  I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Overall, I wasn’t so sure of what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!  My husband seemed to as well and I even managed to get him in a picture!  The Scene was put together by some local guys and it doesn’t sound like they know how long it is going to be there, so I would definitely try and check it out soon!   It was a fun experience, and even if you don’t go for the photos like me, it was something so original that you can appreciate it for that! 


My Online Dating Experience

I’m usually not one to get all lovey dovey, but I guess with Valentine’s Day and it being the first one for us as a married couple, the love bug struck!  I wanted to share how my husband and I met, and how I knew he was the one!

All through high school and college, I casually dated.  I had one serious relationship in college that didn’t end too well… I broke up with him right before our trip to Hawaii (crazy, I know!) But I had just turned 21 and may have hit the party scene a little too hard, so I wanted to be free.  I still in a round about way see him and I am so happy things ended up how they did.  I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

So I stayed single for a while throughout college, I dated here and there but nothing very serious.  I think at 25 my mind kind of shifted where I realized I was ready to find someone and be in a committed relationship.  Some of my friends were starting to be and get married, so it felt like it was the right timing.  Another thing about dating – I think it’s all about timing.  You have to be okay with yourself and in the right mindset to find someone and have a lasting relationship. Trust me, I’m not expert, but that’s what seemed to be the case for me.

I’ve had a few friends try online dating. I feel so old when I say this, but online dating was just becoming a thing the last year or so, but I wasn’t all about it.  I didn’t like the idea too much, I was meeting people by going out to bars and clubs, but always ended up being the wrong type of people.  I was seeing this guy for a little bit, but it was long distance and wasn’t going to work so when we broke things off, my friend Sarah told me I needed to give a shot.  Over some wine, we created my profile.

Honestly to this day I don’t remember much of what we wrote or what pictures I put on there, but it seemed to have worked ha!  I started talking to a few guys right off the bat. I remember going through and “liking” or “winking” at profiles trying to find a good match.  Definitely had to weave through the pack a little bit.  I started talking to this one guy who almost instantly asked me out.  I said yes – why not at this point and we went to dinner and drinks.  If I recall I think he came and picked me up in an Uber, why I gave him my address without knowing him at all, yeah…dumb move.  Either way, he came and picked me up and we went downtown for dinner.  I remember meeting him and thinking he didn’t look exactly like his picture, but here goes nothing…

All through dinner he talked about his ex-girlfriend.  I learned he was with her for 7 years and recently broke up a few months ago.  She was exotic looking, tall and had dreadlocks.  The complete opposite of me!  We finished up dinner and then went to another bar to get a drink.  Not sure why I stayed, but I did.  Things just got bad to worse from that point.  I ended up leaving later that night and got my own Uber home.  The next day I woke up to text messages from him.  I didn’t want to be rude so I responded. Then they kept coming ALL DAY LONG.  Listen, I don’t want to be ghosted by anyone, but being a clinger may be even worse.  At the end of the day it was just all too much.  I politely told him I wasn’t interested in seeing him again and that was that.

Travis (my now husband) and I started messaging on shortly after my horrendous first date.  I believe he messaged me first.  I actually have all the emails saved, I could go back and check ha!  We had a bunch in common – both from the Scottsdale, AZ area, went to ASU and he was only about two years older than me.  For almost a month we emailed back and forth.  Long winded emails, but it was a nice chance to get to know one another before actually meeting up face to face.  At one point though I was like alright enough is enough… when is he going to ask me out?!  We ended up talking on the phone one night and had some good conversation.  And then he finally asked me out.  We ended up going to dinner at this trendy spot in Phoenix.  I was so nervous.  It’s so awkward when you meet someone for the first time – I was panicked I wouldn’t know what he looked like or wouldn’t know how to be.  I was on the phone with my friend Sarah while standing in the parking lot waiting for Travis to show up.  He literally walked by me as I was talking on the phone freaking out about this date.  I felt so awkward, I ducked behind a car even though he had most certainly seen me.  I hung up with Sarah and proceeded to enter the restaurant.

It was a busy place!  Travis was in the front and when I walked in and we saw each other, he gave me a handshake.  I still to this day tease him about it.  Who does that?!  It’s not a business lunch, it’s a date!  I was so embarrassed, but I guess it worked out 😉 We then got seated and dinner.  I don’t remember too much of what we spoke about, but it went well and then he asked me if I wanted to go see some live music.  He was paying attention – I spoke about how I love live music!  We went to this little dive bar that had live jazz music around the corner.  I’m not a huge jazz person, but it was so fun!  I always try to follow Patti Stanger’s advice (Who Wants to Date a Millionaire) and have only two drinks on a date.  I think I may have had three, but it was within a few hours.

We talked some more, watched the band and had a good time.  Kind of from there the rest is history!  We started seeing each other a couple times a week, nothing too serious.  But before I knew it I was falling for this guy.  He was so nice and caring and we had so much fun together.  About a month into seeing each other, Travis won a work trip to San Antonio, TX.  I had never been on a vacation with someone I was dating before and it was going to be after only dating a couple of months, but I said yes and I am glad I did!

Travis and I both agree that on that trip is when we realized we had fallen for one another.  Probably me more than him!  I was surprised he didn’t run for the hills… On the way there our flight got derailed and we had to land about an hour away, wait for the storm to pass and then go to San Antonio.  I hate flying let me tell you, especially the take off and landing.  And we had to do it two more times along with being in bad weather.  I tried to maintain composer, but it was hard.  Travis held my hand through it and we made it safely to San Antonio.

The trip was so fun!  We did different excursions his work set up for us.  From wine tasting to a motivational speaker it was a good time.  We ended up staying an extra two nights in San Antonio and went to this cute little boutique hotel downtown.  We went to a fancy dinner and Travis ended up buying last minute tickets to see the Doubie Brothers.  It was an amazing time.  Unfortunately the last day of the trip, I started to feel sick.  When I am sick, I’m not the nicest person and easiest to deal with.  Certainly not a good look when you just start dating someone.  Travis again, was so sweet and dealt with my sickness and all.  It was from that point on that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Sorry so cheesy and long winded, but I am a big advocate for online dating.  I think it works wonders!  Even though Travis and I grew up in neighboring towns and went to the same college, who knows if we would have met otherwise?  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

10 Things About Me!

Hello to anyone new around here that doesn’t know me quite well, I thought I would take some time and share some information about me.  Here’s 10 facts about me…

1. I grew up in New Jersey and lived there for ten years before relocating to Arizona.  I was twelve when I moved out here and in 7th grade, not the easiest time to be changing schools let alone relocating across the country!  I had a hard time adjusting at first, but slowly learned my way.  Let’s just say middle school was not the greatest time of my life!
2. I am a natural redhead and the only redhead in my family.  My Grandma became one when I was born and has been trying to dye her hair the same color as mine ever since!
3. I have two older half sisters who have seven kids between the two and a younger brother.  My sisters live in Utah, but my brother lives in Scottsdale.
4. I am fully Jewish, but my dad was married before my mom and had my two sisters who grew up Mormon – it’s a very strange family dynamic, but it works!  My parents stay in Utah every summer and we go up and visit everyone – it’s a fun time!
5. I met my husband and love of my life on a dating site – a little one called  Another crazy fact, we both went to ASU and grew up in neighboring towns and rival high schools – never would have known.  We just got married in November 2018 and we are looking forward to having some time together as newlyweds.
6. I’ve always been a writer and used to be a published one a long time ago – I enjoy it and putting my own voice on things.  Hope you do too!
7. I tried to break into acting and voice over work as well.  I technically still have an agent, but haven’t a great deal of work in a long time!  I was told to apply for Disney so I made a demo and sent it out, but then told I needed to move to California – I couldn’t make the move so Arizona is where I stay.  Who knows maybe down the road!  Oh!  Andfor all of you who don’t know what my voice sounds like – I’ve been told a number of things through the years – Betty Boop, a little girl, a cartoon… I did have one paid voiceover gig for a Mexican food commercial for AJ’s.  I played a little girl in it.  It was so fun!  Now it’s lost somewhere on radio…
8. I wish I could do blogging and writing full time, but as of now I do have a full time job.  I currently work as a Recruiter for a network of Charter Schools. I help recruit teachers for their schools across the country.  It’s a pretty fun job! 

9. I am the biggest shoe lover!  I own over a hundred pair of shoes.  My husband loves me so much though, when we first bought our house, he built me my very own shoe rack in my closet.  It’s the best thing ever!!

10. As you can probably tell I love fashion and shopping!  It’ssomething my mom and I have always loved to do over the years.  She is probably where my love for it came from and how I became so stylish (if I do say so myself!).  My mother goes above and beyond and even wears matching PJs to bed every night. 

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!  I would love to get to know you as well.  You can check out more of my fashion and lifestyle adventures on my Instagram.  I started that about a year ago, never imagining it would be what it is today.  Okay enough about me!

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Every time I go to the dentist, they ask me what I could change about my teeth. And every time I say, I want whiter teeth. They explain different procedures they can do, but all of which cost way too much! I’ve also done the Whitestrips and light whiteners before. I never see that much of a difference when I do those though. Now I want to tell you about this new product I tested and LOVE! Smile Brilliant.


After using it one time, I saw an improvement – it was crazy! I think part of the reason it works so well is because they make a mold to fit your mouth. So to start, you receive a kit in the mail and you have to make a mold of your teeth. Sounds weird, but it was very easy with their step by step instructions. Kinda cool too! Then you mail back the molds and wait. It only took about a week or so to receive it back. Then the fun can begin! I recommend doing it at night, like the box says because you need time and cannot eat or drink for 30minutes. The step by step instructions and guides are very helpful! It comes with these whitening gel that you squirt out into your custom tray and then place on your teeth. Probably doesn’t sound too easy, but it is!

Then you go about your business! The first time I did it, I left it on for about 45 minutes. It says you can go up to three hours, but to gradually increase over time. I have SUPER sensitive teeth so I was afraid to do anything longer. To be honest, it hurt a little bit because of my sensitivity, but when I do the Whitestrips it does as well. Pain is beauty right?!




Afterwards you brush your teeth and rinse out the trays. Then you move to the desensitizing part. There is another tube of gel that you put in the molds and then on your teeth. You can leave it on anyways from 15 – 20 minutes. I ended up doing 20 minutes the first time, because I think my teeth need all the help they can get! It definitely seemed to help afterwards. Then you take out the molds, spit out the liquid in your mouth and you are good to go. I went to sleep afterwards and woke up with whiter teeth! Only after one session, it was amazing! My teeth are a little sensitive today, but not too much. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to get whiter teeth. I can’t wait to continue my whitening and see where I end up. I’m a huge lipstick girl and love the color red! So I am super excited to have whiter teeth to go along with it!

You must give this a try!  And you can even win your very own… enter below!

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Keto Strong

A year ago my life was changed forever… in the best way possible.  I began living a Keto lifestyle!  I’ve always maintained an active lifestyle, worked out a few times a week and ate fairly healthy.  I never really thought I was overweight or fat, but I knew I could stand to lose some pounds.  Growing up I was the same way too.  In high school I struggled with weight issues pretty badly as I’m sure most 16 year olds do.  My weight always yo-yo’d through the years, but when I got engaged and had a wedding dress to fit in, I was determined to shed some pounds.   


Let’s take it back to December 2017… I was having a Christmas party at my apartment for my friends and decided to make it chili themed. My friends showed up and were talking about thisnew diet they have been doing for the last month.  I was intrigued!  I was doing some research about different diets to try as my New Years Resolution, but I hadn’t heard too much about Keto.  They were telling me about it and how they lost about 10lbs in a month already and it seemed like you could still eat a lot of things.  Well no chili…


Anyways, the story continues that I began researching this Ketodiet and became hooked.  I started my Keto lifestyle in January 2018.  I should note that I had been having a great deal of stomach issues up to this point, always felt so bloated after eating and nothing seemed to help.  Nothing that is, until Keto.  It took a few months to get into the swing of things and my fiancé decided to try it along with me.  I was researching different things to eat, kept track of it all on my CarbTracker and was doing well.  I also started working out at Orange Theory more, trying to incorporate that into my routine. 


A few weeks in, it kind of sucked.  I definitely experienced the “flu” that I read about.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience let me tell you… I get where the name comes from.  But after that I think I hit ketosis.  I ordered those pee strips and tried using those to ensure I was in the right “zone”, but after a while I just gave up.  I figured I was fine.  A few months later I started to see some results.  I ended up losing about 10lbs and started feeling so much better.  Most of my stomach issues were gone and I was feeling so energized!  It was great!

From there I somewhat stalled and had a hard time losing more weight, so I started tracking my food intake more closely and that’s where I began to see more of a change.  Another 5lbs came off and I was feeling good!  Everyone kept saying how great I looked and how much of a different person I looked like.  Again, I never thought I was fat, but I guess I needed to shed some pounds… 


One year later I am down 25lbs and still enjoy being on the Ketodiet.  Sure I have my cheat days every few months – like when I went to San Diego on my honeymoon and couldn’t pass up some sushi!  But I really think it’s healthy for my body and changed my entire life.  I’ve found ways to not crave bread, or how to make my own Keto friendly bread!  I’ve begun cooking more as well, but when I get lazy, it’s nice to throw a hamburger on the grill for dinner.  

Before photo taken September 2017 (when we got engaged!)


After photo taken November 2018


Most of my friends and family know I am Keto and are super supportive of it.  It’s become my lifestyle and I don’t think I will be changing back anytime soon.  Who doesn’t love a diet where you can still drink red wine and have cheese?  Sign me up any day!   I feel like over the last year I have heard so many more people become Keto or friends I have told have decided to try it.  It’s been the most amazing year for me along with getting married to the love of my life and finally feeling happy and healthy.  Cheers to another great year of being Keto!

Staying Hydrated!

Staying Hydrated!

Stepping out of the fashion world for a moment to talk about this great product, Hydrive.  Some of you may know I have been living a Keto lifestyle for about a year now.  I’ve never been a big fan of soda so that was an easy thing to cut out, but I do like something other than water now and then.  Hydrive helped fill that role for me.  Hydrive is 0 calories, 1 carb and 0 sugars.  It also has different vitamins and caffeine for when you need a little pick me up.  I’m going to the mall, I bring a Hydrive.  I’mgoing on a hike, I bring a Hydrive – it’s literally something I will bring along with my water bottle almost everywhere I go!  

Growing up my dad always forced Gatorade on me for the electrolytes, but I’ve never been a fan.  Way too much sugar in those drinks and I never really enjoyed the taste.  That’sprobably why I was so surprised I actually liked Hydrive when I tried it. I thought it would be the same, but it’s way better!  

 Another great thing is that it comes in so many different flavors.  I was fortunate to be able to try them all and I think Black Cherry is my favorite.  It’s not too sweet, but has a nice flavor to it.  Strawberry Kiwi came in close second though.  

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much do most of my shopping on Amazon these days.  I’m all about that prime life!  Another thing I love about Hydrive is that you can order it directly from Amazon.  Makes my life a whole lot easier than dragging it from the grocery store to my house, heck, even going to the grocery store.  Check out Hydrive online today!  Because who doesn’t need a little extra energy these days?!

The Big Day!

Growing up, I never was the girl who planned her wedding – I rarely thought it about until about two years ago.  I wasn’t sure of the color scheme, bridesmaids, food, dress – really any of it.  But the day turned out to be everything I could have hoped for and more!    There were some hiccups along the road to the wedding, but in the end everything was truly perfect.  I got to marry my best friend – what more could I ask for?

Picking out my wedding dress was probably the most stressful, but fun part.  Obviously, I’m a shopper and I love clothes, but wedding dresses are a whole new ball game.  I had gone before with some of my friends shopping for theirs, but when it’s you trying on that white gown, it definitely changes things.  I went in thinking I wanted more of a ball gown type of dress that was off the shoulder or had sleeves.   I also didn’t want a white dress – more blush color. The first day my friends, mom and Grandma went to a couple of stores but didn’t have much luck. I tried on about a dozen of dresses, but none of them seemed to work.  It was also a little too much for me with everyone there, drinking champagne – so next time I wanted just my mom and Grandma.  We went to a couple more stores and I finally found the one!  I was shocked because it wasn’t anything that I had thought.  It was an ivory, high-neck sleeveless, all lace, trumpet fit.  It was the perfect dress!  I paired it with a headband that had some pearls on it to match the dress and a long veil.  

After finding the dress about a year ago, I think one of the most fun parts of the actual wedding day were hanging out with my friends and family the day of.  It was certainly stressful, but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible.  I had three of my best friends as my bridesmaids and it was just fun to chit chat and drink some champagne before the wedding.  We were decked out in some fabulous robes provided by Little Things Favor.  Definitely check them out!  They have the cutest things you need for your wedding!

From bridesmaids gifts to cake toppers, they have everything!  All the items are so reasonably priced too and are of great quality.  My girls all loved the robes!  I was wearing the white one of course and they had pink ones.  All the robes had lace on the sleeves and were made with such nice material.  I could have stayed in mine all day! Ha!   

From there the day was a blur – everyone tells you your wedding day is going to go by quickly, it most certainly did.  I was very nervous for our vows.  My now husband (!) wanted us to share our own and I have the worst fear of public speaking, but I made it through, without crying too much.  From all of our pictures to our live band – the night was so magical.  Everything came together so well and I wasn’t too stressed in the end.  A win win!  And like I said, I got to marry my best friend, so it was truly the best day ever.