Keto Strong

A year ago my life was changed forever… in the best way possible.  I began living a Keto lifestyle!  I’ve always maintained an active lifestyle, worked out a few times a week and ate fairly healthy.  I never really thought I was overweight or fat, but I knew I could stand to lose some pounds.  Growing up I was the same way too.  In high school I struggled with weight issues pretty badly as I’m sure most 16 year olds do.  My weight always yo-yo’d through the years, but when I got engaged and had a wedding dress to fit in, I was determined to shed some pounds.   


Let’s take it back to December 2017… I was having a Christmas party at my apartment for my friends and decided to make it chili themed. My friends showed up and were talking about thisnew diet they have been doing for the last month.  I was intrigued!  I was doing some research about different diets to try as my New Years Resolution, but I hadn’t heard too much about Keto.  They were telling me about it and how they lost about 10lbs in a month already and it seemed like you could still eat a lot of things.  Well no chili…


Anyways, the story continues that I began researching this Ketodiet and became hooked.  I started my Keto lifestyle in January 2018.  I should note that I had been having a great deal of stomach issues up to this point, always felt so bloated after eating and nothing seemed to help.  Nothing that is, until Keto.  It took a few months to get into the swing of things and my fiancé decided to try it along with me.  I was researching different things to eat, kept track of it all on my CarbTracker and was doing well.  I also started working out at Orange Theory more, trying to incorporate that into my routine. 


A few weeks in, it kind of sucked.  I definitely experienced the “flu” that I read about.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience let me tell you… I get where the name comes from.  But after that I think I hit ketosis.  I ordered those pee strips and tried using those to ensure I was in the right “zone”, but after a while I just gave up.  I figured I was fine.  A few months later I started to see some results.  I ended up losing about 10lbs and started feeling so much better.  Most of my stomach issues were gone and I was feeling so energized!  It was great!

From there I somewhat stalled and had a hard time losing more weight, so I started tracking my food intake more closely and that’s where I began to see more of a change.  Another 5lbs came off and I was feeling good!  Everyone kept saying how great I looked and how much of a different person I looked like.  Again, I never thought I was fat, but I guess I needed to shed some pounds… 


One year later I am down 25lbs and still enjoy being on the Ketodiet.  Sure I have my cheat days every few months – like when I went to San Diego on my honeymoon and couldn’t pass up some sushi!  But I really think it’s healthy for my body and changed my entire life.  I’ve found ways to not crave bread, or how to make my own Keto friendly bread!  I’ve begun cooking more as well, but when I get lazy, it’s nice to throw a hamburger on the grill for dinner.  

Before photo taken September 2017 (when we got engaged!)


After photo taken November 2018


Most of my friends and family know I am Keto and are super supportive of it.  It’s become my lifestyle and I don’t think I will be changing back anytime soon.  Who doesn’t love a diet where you can still drink red wine and have cheese?  Sign me up any day!   I feel like over the last year I have heard so many more people become Keto or friends I have told have decided to try it.  It’s been the most amazing year for me along with getting married to the love of my life and finally feeling happy and healthy.  Cheers to another great year of being Keto!


3 thoughts on “Keto Strong

  1. Great job! I have been doing loads of research on the Keto diet and have been trying to follow its rules the past month. I have noticed that I don’t feel as bloated as well!

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