Glo Makeup

I’ve never been a huge makeup person. I’ve always wanted to be able to be talented in that area, but unfortunately I never acquired that talent.  I’m slowly trying to learn more and more and I enjoy changing up my looks dependent on the season and where I am going.  I’m absolutely loving this pack from Freeze Co Beauty!  Such great colors, brushes and it even comes with a handy guide to help you take your look from work to date night.  I think that is something I have always struggled with, I never want to look to done up at work, but if I’m going somewhere afterwards, I want to add a little bit more.  This kit definitely helps with that!

I tend to be on the more natural looking side of makeup. I’vealways been a big fan of Laura Mercier makeup and use their primer and foundation along with their blush.  I tend to put on a little mascara, fill in my eyebrows and I’m good to go to work!  On the weekends or at night I like mixing in some lipstick and make fake eyelashes.  I know… they are all the rage now and I’m so excited I am finally able to put them on myself!  It definitely adds some pop to my look.

What’s your go-to makeup routine?  Any favorites I need to try?


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